961 Offices Broker Referral Program

At 961 Offices, we understand the evolving needs of modern businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our spaces are designed to bridge the gap between traditional office environments and the dynamic needs of today’s professionals.

We invite Brokers and Agents to partner with us, offering their clients a fresh, flexible, and vibrant workspace solution.

Why Partner with 961 Offices?

  • Immediate Rewards: Earn commissions swiftly, within 30 days of a successful agreement.
  • Diverse Offerings: From coworking spaces to serviced offices, we have a range of options, all equipped with top-tier amenities.
  • Growth Potential: Clients can start in a coworking space and seamlessly transition as they expand.
  • Trendsetters: Stay ahead of the curve by offering the latest in office solutions, moving beyond traditional spaces.
  • Effortless Earnings: A hassle-free way to boost your income.
  • Additional earnings: Sometimes our clients need to find a bigger space we can’t accommodate, we refer them to the best-performing agents in our network.

Getting Started is Simple:

  1. Connect with us via email [email protected] or by Whatsapp Message +961 4 72 56 72
  2. Schedule a tour for your client.
  3. Once they sign up, you earn!
  4. We handle the rest, ensuring your client feels right at home.

Commission Structure:

  • Office Spaces:
    • New Referral: 5% of agreement value
    • Month-to-Month: 10%
    • Renewal: 2.5%
  • Mini Offices:
    • New Referral: 4% of agreement value
    • Month-to-Month: 8%
    • Renewal: 2%
  • Pods:
    • New Referral: 4% of agreement value
    • Month-to-Month: 10%
    • Renewal: 2%
  • Membership:
    • New Referral: 6% of agreement value
    • Month-to-Month: 10%
    • Renewal: 2%
  • Virtual Business Address:
    • New Agreement: 15%
    • Renewal: 5%


  • When do I get paid? As soon as the membership agreement is executed and the first month’s rent is cleared, your payment will be available for pickup.
  • Can I be part of my client’s journey? Absolutely! Be as involved or as hands-off as you wish. We’ll keep you in the loop at all stages.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Referrals are valid for 30 days. If we can’t contact your referral or there’s no update, the referral expires.
  • In the case of multiple agents referring the same client, the one who arranges the tour first gets the commission.
  • Agents must be actively involved in renewals and expansions to earn commissions.
  • Commissions are paid upon receipt of the initial payment and signed agreement.
  • Commission is paid on the rental component of the agreement only. 
  • Commission earned on one renewal of at least 1 year.

Remember, at 961 Offices, we’re not just offering a space; we’re crafting experiences.

Partner with us and let’s redefine the future of workspaces together!