Lebanon Just Postponed Elections To May 2022

Lebanon Elections Explained

The Minister of Interior and Municipalities of Lebanon, Bassam Mawlawi, signs the new decree that postponed the dates of the elections for May 2022 instead of March 2022.

The new official dates are now as followed:

  • The Lebanese expatriates can vote on Friday, May 6th or Sunday, May 8th (depending on the weekend day where the polling takes place).
  • The Lebanese citizens in Lebanon can vote on Sunday May 15th.
  • The employees who will participate in the electoral process can vote on Thursday, May 12th.

The parliament had previously voted in October to hold the elections in March 2022, but President Michel Aoun did not accept the date.

The Lebanese people are putting their hopes on the coming elections for a radical change that can save their country.

Since the onset of the Lebanese Revolution in 2019, people have been demanding changes as the crises were dragging untackled, notably the essentials due to the citizens for a decent living.

Nothing was done since then to fix the major problems that have kept developing dramatically and more crises rising to date.

Living hardships, hyperinflation, dramatic devaluation of the local currency, fuel crisis, rare supply of electricity, meds shortage, politicians obstructing the Beirut Blast investigation, and so on.

The people are hoping that the coming elections will be different and the outcome will bring them and the country out of the ongoing dark times.

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