Ogero Employees In Lebanon Are Holding A Strike


On Sunday, the union of Ogero employees announced that its workers will be holding a strike on Monday to protest their deteriorating working conditions.

In a tweet, the company revealed that all maintenance works and services will be halted on Monday and apologized for it.

According to local news, the union revealed the reasons behind the strike:

  • Low salaries and no transportation allowance.
  • Multiple attacks on the employees of the complaints department.

Since the start of the economic crisis, Ogero has been facing a lot of difficulties that led to a surge in malfunctions such as pressure on generators and cables.

On July 1st, telecommunication tariffs increased in Lebanon multiplying Ogero prices by 2.5.

The bill was approved on May 20th as part of the Lebanese government’s economic rescue plan.

Caretaker Minister of Telecommunications Johnny Corm previously stated that the new tariffs will not evoke anger on the streets because “the situation is currently different from the past, and citizens are aware of this.”

However, the Lebanese people still took to social media to express their rage and frustration.

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