Ogero Just Doubled Internet Speed and Capacity this Month for Free

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The Lebanese Cabinet just decided to double the speed of the internet as well as the capacity of consumption for internet service subscribers with the Ogero network.

This decision is made for internet users subscribed to the Ministry of Communications – Ogero network in residential locations.

The internet will be doubled in speed and capacity for free until the end of April, within the available technical capabilities.

The cabinet’s decision was made in an attempt to encourage the Lebanese people to work and study from home as part of the “Stay Home” campaign to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) around Lebanon.

Prior to the cabinet’s decision, Lebanese prime minister Hassan Diab has requested the cessation of flights from all countries experiencing an outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), all flights from Italy, China, Iran, and South Korea.

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Diab’s request was preceded by the decision of the Syndicate of Restaurants, Cafés, Amusement Parks, and Patisseries to close down restaurants and cafes until further notice.

The Union of Film Technicians has also issued a decision requesting “the owners of production companies, televisions and studios operating in Lebanon, and everyone related, to suspend all filmmaking for ten days in order to preserve the safety of everyone in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.”

Schools and universities remain closed as the Lebanese Prime Minister announced new procedures to contain coronavirus (COVID-19), including the reduction of the number of hours of employees in public sectors.

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Lebanon has earlier reported that it can no longer contain the coronavirus (COVID-19), announcing that the country is now considered an epidemic.

Over 60 cases have been confirmed in different hospitals around Lebanon, with 3 coronavirus death confirmed and one fully recovered patient.

With the doubled internet speed and capacity, officials are trying to decrease public and private gatherings and at the same time encourage productivity through working from home.

Schools have been creating online study programs for students sitting at home to catch up on their studies as much as they can, through school websites and WhatsApp.

According to NNA, the Health Minister Hamad Hassan chaired a meeting to coordinate and finalize the provision of government hospitals quickly, enabling them to receive any suspected cases of infection with the coronavirus emerging in the districts and governorates across the entire Lebanese.


In response to the questions raised about the PCR examinations and its cost in private laboratories, the minister explained:

“Several hospitals have contacted the Ministry of Public Health and informed us that many citizens who do not suffer from any symptoms wanted to check on their health and conduct the PCR examination.”

“It was agreed that the examination is carried out in some hospital laboratories, after ensuring their eligibility and ability to give the correct result.”

“The test is provided with a price that does not exceed 150,000 LBP at a time that some centers were conducting 300,000 and 400,000 Lebanese pounds,” the statement concluded.

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