Ogero Offers To Power Hospital Vaccination Center Over The Weekend

Ogero Offers To Power Hospital Vaccination Center Over The Weekend
Executive Magazine/Greg Demarque | EPA/Wael Hamzeh

After the vaccine marathons scheduled in Lebanon this weekend were canceled, Ogero has offered to help provide electricity to help boost vaccination.

Ogero Director-General Imad Kreidieh proposed the move in a tweet on Saturday morning.

“Regardless of the insistence of some to blame Ogero for a sin it did not commit, the commission is ready to supply the vaccination center at Rafik Hariri University Hospital with electricity on Saturday and Sunday through its generators at Bir Hassan Center, in the event that those concerned fail to fulfill their duty to provide it,” he wrote.

In the tweet, Kreidieh stressed that the only reason for the internet outages experienced at vaccination centers is the electricity cuts taking place across Lebanon, coupled with the shortage of diesel fuel to keep backup generators running.

Earlier on Saturday, the Lebanese Vaccine Executive Committee announced that this weekend’s vaccine marathons were canceled due to internet and electricity cuts.

Lebanon has been holding weekly vaccine marathons to encourage people to boost immunization against coronavirus (COVID-19) across age groups.

The cancelation of these marathons comes as the country aims to increase immunization efforts with the arrival of the highly contagious Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus.

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