Iraqi Oil Is Now Expected To Supply Lebanon With Electricity For 4 Months

Oil Provided By Iraq Should Supply Lebanon With Electricity For 4 Months
NNA | Mohamed Azakir

The oil that will be provided by the Iraqi government should supply Lebanon with electricity for 4 months, Caretaker Minister of Energy and Water Raymond Ghajar said upon his arrival in Beirut from Iraq.

He assured that the agreement signed with the Iraqi government today should provide Lebanon with enough oil to supply electricity to the country for 4 months.

“We want the interest of Lebanon. We take fuel in exchange for services,” said Ghajar.

During his press conference in the airport, Ghajar also said that he will be responsive to any offer he receives from other countries to supply Lebanon with fuel. He explained that the oil Lebanon is getting is not paid but obtained in exchange for services.

The Caretaker Minister also emphasized the role of Electricité du Liban to prolong the supply of electricity through the Iraqi fuel, claiming that “we will go neither to the East nor to the West.”

This comes at a time where most areas of the country are getting two hours of electricity per day as powerplants are unable to supply power due to the lack of fuel.

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