23 Old Lebanese Ads That Will Make You Smile with Nostalgia

With advances in technology, advertisements have come a long way. Lebanese people have proven to be quite the copywriters, with their catchy slogans in their modern iconic commercial.

But what about the older commercials? Have the Lebanese always been great at selling products?

#1 Toyota

The Toyota Corona 2000 was produced in 1957. The poster advertises its special price of 19,500 L.L. (The good old days!) Today, that amount of money couldn’t even fill half your car’s gas tank.

#2 Ray-O-Vac

That song made for the commercial advertising Ray-O-Vac batteries became so popular at the time that people would sing it everywhere, and even use it to tease others around.

#3 MEA

Middle East Airlines has been operating since 1946. The ad highlights the airline’s traditional Lebanese service (with some exaggeration, of course).

#4 Tourism Advert

The ad enticing people to visit Lebanon called it an “Eastern Paradise.” Bearing such cultural and historical richness, Lebanon has always been big in tourism. In fact, it is now on the list of this YouTuber’s best countries to visit.

#5 Tide detergent

As it is still being sold, everyone knows Tide is a laundry detergent. The commercial above announced a limited deal, where you exchange 20 Tide coupons for a knife.

#6 AF3

This is an advertisement for AF3, a dishwashing liquid from the 80s.

#7 “Abu Chadi’s Magic Brush”

A 1959 hairbrush that “gives you movie-star hair” like Sabbouha’s!

#8 Vaseline Hair Tonic

Vaseline’s Hair Tonic product that “gives you shiny silky hair.”

#9 Fairy Shampoo

The legendary singer Sabah stars also in this advertisement for Fairy Shampoo.

#10 Wate On

Full figures were the beauty standards of the past. Wate On, a nutritional supplement meant to increase body mass, is advertised above in 1967, encouraging women to gain weight.

#11 Marlboro

Comparing the cigarette sticks to the pillars of the temples in Baalbek.

#12 Lebanese Cigarettes “BYBLOS”

Fun fact: There is a pack in The British Museum. However, it is not on display at the moment.

#13 Cognac Awtar

“Cheer for the return of Cognac.”

#14 Ksarak

The 90’s Ksarak “Tallou” commercial was a big hit as it featured several popular people in its cast.

#15 Jellad Beer

Jellad’s Beer was a Lebanese product. The ad says, “Stay healthy and support your country by drinking this national beer.”

#16 Pampa juice

Unlike today’s juice boxes, Pampa used to be sold in these little plastic cups.

#17 Super-Jus

Superjus “The Natural Juice of Lebanon” is often confused with Bonjus.

#19 La Vache Qui Rit

“The Laughing Cow” is a 1921 French brand of processed cheese. It has been packaged the same way for ages: cream cheese triangles packed in a circular box.

#18 Picon cheese


In 1965, another French brand of processed cheese was produced: Picon. It is still heavily used today.

#20 Tatra Milk

Tatra was the first powdered milk to be produced in Lebanon. It is still used today!

#21 Nido Milk

Nestle Nido powdered milk was introduced in 1944. It claims to offer “nutrition solutions for each stage of childhood.”

#22 Cortina Icecream

Since 1965, Cortina has been blessing Lebanon with its ice cream. It was quick to gain popularity because who doesn’t love ice cream?

#23 Nescafe

Nescafe, Nestle’s Instant coffee, was introduced in 1938. This is an ad for the decaf Nescafe.