Heartbreaking Video Of An Older Lebanese Woman Stopping A Journalist To Ask For Employment

@Sobhiyanajjar | Greg Demarque

The Lebanese independent journalist, Sobhiya Najjar, posted on her Twitter account on Thursday, a video of an older woman she met on the street seeking to find employment.

In the video, Mrs. Josephine Aoun is seen naming her qualifications, as she has a degree in tourism management, and speaks 4 languages.

This touching video has bought the attention of many Lebanese people, as it reflects the level of pride the Lebanese have in working hard, even if enduring challenges in finding jobs with the increasing unemployment rates.

Journalist Salman Andary commented that he has had similar experiences with people in Lebanon. “There are many messages I receive from people asking for a job anywhere in Lebanon […]. There are many people who were living with dignity and integrity,” he said

The video incited anger against the Lebanese government, with many lashing out at its inability to protect older adults and provide them with the needed services they need to survive.

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