The Oldest Man In Lebanon Just Passed Away

Suleiman Muhammad Al-Mull

Suleiman Muhammad Al-Mull, a Lebanese man from the Northern town of Akkar, has passed away at the age of 123, leaving behind a legacy for being the oldest man in Lebanon.

The centenarian was hosted multiple times on local television due to his strong build and love for life that led him to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Al-Mull was also recognized for raising 10 children well into his old age and was a grandfather for 100 kids.

During an interview with Al-Jadeed news, Al-Mull showcased a day in his life, where he used to spend it in a humble home just like any average citizen, except that his unwavering love for life made him stand out.

Al-Mull spent his days with his wife whom he married at the age of 80, making it his third and final marriage. The man jokingly credited a homemade drink made up of simple ingredients such as Anise and ginger as the secret for his long life.

Jokes aside, the oldest Lebanese man has previously claimed that he walks anywhere between 10 and 40 kilometers per day, working out every day in order to keep his strength.

Al-Mull emphasized that his enthusiasm for life and work kept him strong as the years passed by.

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