An Online Civil Marriage Just Took Place In Lebanon


An online civil marriage took place in Lebanon, joining in matrimony Najwa Sbeiti, an English teacher, and Omar Abdel Baki, a Mathematic teacher. The couple was wed in the Lebanese town of Dhour El Choueir by a judge from Utah, USA.

According to the new spouses, such marriages are legally registered in Lebanon.

Sbeiti and Abdel Baki come from different religious backgrounds, which is an issue in Lebanon where marriages are performed by religious institutions.

A difference in religion or denomination between a couple would compel a future spouse to officially relinquish their faith to adopt the faith of the other. Most often, it falls on the future bride to “convert.”

Facing the difficulties of traveling abroad for a civil marriage due to the high cost and the passport crisis, they resorted to “a virtual marriage,” as Abdel Baki told Annahar.

“Marriage is the commitment of the other person, this is our choice and we want to get married in Lebanon and register our marriage in the Lebanese state,” Sbeiti said.

She stressed her demand for the separation of the religious authorities from the state and the implementation of Civil Marriage.

That demand has been ongoing by activists in Lebanon for years.

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