Only 13% of Lebanese Protesters Believe the Government’s Amendments

As the protest persists across the country for the seventh day today, and the protesting nation refuses the reform plan of PM Hariri, there isn’t much room left for the Government to maneuver anymore around the public demands for all to resign.


Following a long-awaited speech by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, one which was received by almost no welcome, and was questioned for its truth and integrity, the protests continue to expand in numbers.

Protestors across the country have taken to televised media in order to express their discontent with the new promises made by the Lebanese Government. A small number only expressed that the Government should be given a chance to deliver “before we are too quick to judge,” urging people to take to the streets once more if the demands are not met by the deadline.

Via Al-Jazeera


A poll published by MTV where over 75,800 participants took part, expressed that a mere 13% of the sample believed the Government would deliver on its demands, while the overwhelming majority of 87% believe these demands will not be met, and that the Government should just resign.

The peaceful, non-sectarian protests have been ongoing across the past days with the Lebanese flag being the sole flag lifted across the country throughout the entire televised and reported events.

Although motorcycles with Amal and Hezbollah flags arrived in Beirut and attempted to cross into crowds of protestors, singing pro-Hezbollah and pro-Amal chants, the Lebanese Army has successfully held the situation together and kept the protests safe.

Via Lebanon24

The Lebanese Army has formed a line of separation between protestors and these groups so far, as LDC has shown in its coverage. These motorcycled trouble-makers did not succeed in infiltrating the massive crowd in downtown Beirut, which could have possibly turned the peaceful demonstrations into a tense or violent event.

Protestors are seen in the footage chanting slurs at these groups and telling them they are unwanted. Reddit has also reported that groups from these political parties have been seen in footage attacking protestors in Bint Jbeil in South Lebanon.

Al-Manar TV has also been accused by multiple protestors online of censoring footage from the protests whenever Hassan Nasrallah’s name is brought up in any poor taste or any hate chants.


We hope everyone stays safe and sticks to their belief systems and their demands amid these escalating events. With PM Hariri and the Lebanese Army Commander in Chief vowing to protect all the protestors, as well as the Lebanese right to take to the streets, we trust our security forces to upkeep this promise.

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