Only 50,000 Syrians Voted In Their Elections From Lebanon

Middle East Online

After the Syrian presidential elections on Thursday, it appeared that only about 50,000 Syrian refugees out of 1.5 million in Lebanon cast their votes.

MTV reported that some Syrian nationals were prevented from voting due to the clashes that took place on the day of the election between pro-Assad protesters and Lebanese protesters.

However, others speculate that the immense lack of votes only served as proof that the majority of refugees don’t support the Syrian regime and its ruler, Bashar Al-Assad.

On Friday, a group of Syrians in Akkar even protested against the Assad regime and those who voted for him.

Notably, Lebanese Forces (LF) leader Samir Geagea said that Syrian refugees voting for Assad should go back to Syria since their votes show that they were accepting of the regime which made them into refugees.

However, there have been talks that many voted for Assad under duress as they had no choice but to do so or else be sent back to Syria by force.

Despite the presence of other candidates, the Syrian elections were widely regarded, in Lebanon and the world, as a “farce.”