Opposition MP Daou Was Cyberattacked After Calling For Sanctions On Beirut Blast-Linked Politicians

Mark Daou

In an interview with London-based MiddleEastEye, Opposition MP Mark Daou called on the United States to impose additional sanctions on corrupt politicians responsible for delaying and obstructing the investigations into the Beirut Port Explosion.

Among these politicians are two affiliated with the Amal-Hezbollah political group: Ali Hassan Khalil and  Ghazi Zaiter.

Considering their party affiliation, Hezbollah supporters lashed back at MP Daou, distorting his statement and accusing him of calling for the intervention of a foreign power, although Hezbollah has never denied Iran’s heavy involvement through the party.

Hezbollah’s supporters reportedly launched as well a cyberattack on MP Daou, who has materialized as a strong electoral opponent of Hezbollah, defeating the Iran-affiliated party’s ally, Talal Arslan, in the parliamentary elections in Aley – Mount Lebanon District.

The parliamentary elections were a major disappointment to Hezbollah and its supporters as the Iran-backed party lost its majority in the parliament.

That was mainly due to the opposition candidates and the votes of the people of the revolution, which Hezbollah supporters have accused of collusion with “foreign embassies” and even treason since the onset of the Lebanese Revolution.

The families of the Beirut Blast victims, along with the majority of the Lebanese in Lebanon and abroad, have been calling for justice to no avail.

Instead, one of the suspects wanted by the judiciary, Ali Hassan Khalil, was reelected as a member of parliament and was even elected on Tuesday as part of the Parliamentary Finance & Budget Committee.