Opposition MPs Met With President Aoun Over Decree 6433 Of Maritime Border

Daily Beirut

On Monday morning, a meeting was held between a number of Opposition MPs and President Michel Aoun, in Baabda.

The MPs conveyed to President Aoun the necessity of preserving the Lebanese wealth at sea by adopting Line 29 and amending Decree 6433.

President Aoun put the MPs within the framework of the negotiations that will take place, and considered that Israel is violating international agreements and negotiations.
He also indicated during the meeting that Lebanon is under much Israeli pressure and threats.

The MPs stressed the need to continue striving to preserve Lebanon’s wealth and speed up negotiations.

Opposition MP Melhem Khalaf, and on behalf of all Opposition MPs, had called earlier last week for a stand of solidarity for the amendment of the Decree 6433, pointing out that the maritime border’s problem is being manipulated.

Tensions are heightening between Lebanon and Israel over the maritime border dispute. On Sunday, Aviv Kochavi, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff, hinted about a war with Lebanon that will be “massive and overwhelming.”