Two Opposition MPs Nominated For The Lebanese Parliament Committees

Najat A. Saliba | Mark Daou

The Progress Party, which was born from the Lebanese Revolution, has nominated two opposition MPs for the Lebanese Parliament Committees, aiming to stop the collapse and rejuvenate the country.

These Opposition MPs are:

  • Najat Saliba for the Environment Committee in addition to the Committee of the Education, Higher Education, and Culture.
    Dr. Saliba is an atmospheric chemistry specialist and an environmental activist with proven outstanding achievements in her field.
  • Mark Daou for the Finance and Budget Committee and the Committee of National Economy, Trade, Industry, and Planning.
    Daou has a Master of Science (MS) – Political Sociology, from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) with experience in Crisis Management. He’s also an environmental activist and a volunteer on the Executive Board of the Samir Kassir Foundation for over 16 years.

In the same context, the party entrusted its elected deputies to submit a request to urgently establish and activate the following special parliamentary committees:

  • A Special Committee for the recovery plan and relations with donors.
  • A Parliamentary Investigation Committee in the banking sector and depositors’ funds.
  • A Parliamentary Investigation Committee to demarcate and negotiate the maritime borders.