6 Organizations In Lebanon That’ll Help Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Do you embody an entrepreneurial spirit brimming with a ground-breaking business idea waiting to be realized? Are you prepared to channel your passion into a burgeoning start-up?

Lebanon proudly presents a range of dynamic programs, set in motion by various organizations, all tailored towards propelling the growth of nascent ventures.

These programs are brimming with a multitude of resources, including invaluable mentorship, funding prospects, and sought-after incubation services. Tailored to cater to start-ups at varied stages of development, these initiatives are your gateway to success.

INJAZ Lebanon

Picture a world where Lebanon’s youth are not just armed with the necessary skills to flourish but also inspired to ignite their entrepreneurial passion. Injaz, a noteworthy non-profit organization, is bringing this vision to life by guiding and cultivating the potential of young individuals, preparing them for success in both business and employment.

At Injaz, a thriving ecosystem of workshops, programs, contests, and even cutting-edge online camps awaits you. Regardless of your goals, you’ll discover a portal to both knowledge and collaborative opportunities.

Dive into transformative educational experiences, exchange innovative ideas with fellow entrepreneurs, present your project to a respected panel, and gain access to invaluable resources like funding, incubation, and mentorship.

With an extensive offering of open programs and competitions, Injaz caters to a multitude of fields, from agriculture and women’s empowerment to technology and more.

Seize the opportunity to mold your future and set forth on a journey that will redefine the course of your entrepreneurial ventures.


Step into Berytech’s dynamic ecosystem where ideas become thriving businesses. This hub fuels entrepreneurship by offering innovative programs across diverse fields.

You’ll engage in stimulating programs and competitions, but the journey doesn’t stop there. At Berytech’s offices, mentors guide you towards success. Their expertise and the nurturing environment provide the ideal launchpad for your venture.

Prepare for excitement as Berytech conducts engaging events and forums, allowing you to partake in stimulating discussions, connect with leading companies, and broaden your professional network.

USAID Lebanon

Get ready for a transformative journey with USAID Lebanon as they target diverse fields, from agriculture and anti-corruption to environmental and humanitarian assistance. They also foster a dynamic space dedicated to innovation, technology, and pioneering research.

Igniting the spark of creativity, USAID Lebanon designs compelling challenges and attractive prizes to stimulate innovation.

If you have a groundbreaking idea that could reshape our world, stay alert and keep an eye on their website. This is your opportunity to access the support and guidance of USAID Lebanon, propelling your idea towards success.

Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)

In Beirut’s dynamic heart, AUF’s Middle East branch has been a change catalyst since 1993, offering limitless opportunities for ambitious youth. This organization goes beyond business and entrepreneurship, fostering participants’ passions and refining their skills.

AUF’s generosity is boundless. They reward winners with substantial funding, mentorship, and sought-after incubation opportunities. There’s even the chance to embark on a life-changing journey abroad.

The stage is ready, the spotlight is yours. Embrace AUF’s support and opportunities on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Unleash your potential, the world is waiting!


Welcome to Bloom, the platform propelling entrepreneurs and start-ups toward growth and success. Experience a journey filled with opportunities, mentorship from industry experts, and financial support for your ambitious projects.

Even if your initial program choice is out of reach, Bloom offers alternative programs to nurture your brilliance. With Bloom, you have what you need to excel in a competitive environment.

961 Offices

961 launched a coworking division, 961 Offices, dedicated to giving a platform for entrepreneurs and startups to be productive and thrive despite and in spite of the crises in Lebanon.

961 Offices offers 24/7 access, electricity, and the fastest internet speed in all of Lebanon – peaking at 750 Mbps over ethernet and averaging 350 Mbps over wifi.

The space offers a productive but also fun and young working environment with a supportive community that loves being social just as much as they love working.

The best part, the space is the most accessible in terms of pricing and value. It offers hot desks, private pods, mini offices, workspaces, and offices for bigger teams.