Ottawa Just Broke A Guinness Book Record For Lebanon (Video)


In a mouthwatering feat that left taste buds tingling and the community abuzz, the Saint Charbel Church of Ottawa has crafted a record-breaking Labneh sandwich that stretches an impressive 30.5 meters.

With a Markouk sandwich worthy of culinary acclaim, the church has raised the bar on what’s possible when combining tradition and gastronomy.

This tantalizing achievement comes from the church’s previous accomplishment, where they set the record for the longest Labneh sandwich.

Now, with their 2023 rendition, they’ve surpassed their own mark, showcasing an unwavering dedication to pushing culinary boundaries.

This event not only celebrates the delectable flavors of Lebanon but also brings together the Ottawa community in a delightful and unconventional way.

Through their monumental Labneh sandwich, the Saint Charbel Church has proven that the art of breaking records can be as satisfying to the soul as it is to the taste buds.

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