Ottawa Wants To Be Granted Title Of “Shawarma Capital Of Canada”

Ontario Culinary

In a city where the aroma of sizzling Shawarma permeates the streets, Ottawa’s love affair with this Middle Eastern delicacy is undeniable.

Pushing this passion forward, Councillor Laura Dudas championed a bold declaration to dub Ottawa the “Shawarma Capital of Canada”.

Shawarma has become a global hit, ranking 3rd best sandwich in the world, with Lebanese chains expanding globally and local spots offering it in cities around the world.

Dudas put forward this proposal during a recent council session, advocating for the official recognition of Shawarma as a “community staple.”

She emphasized in her proposal that Ottawa’s Shawarma sector plays a significant role as a key employer and economic force, with the city boasting close to 200 establishments dedicated to this culinary delight.

She underscores the widespread presence of Shawarma eateries across Ottawa, spanning various neighborhoods and districts, highlighting the diverse array of family-owned restaurants contributing to the city’s culinary landscape.

She views this initiative as an opportunity to acknowledge Shawarma’s impact on Ottawa’s economy, even humorously referring to its leftovers as a viable breakfast option.

From his side, Mayor Mark Sutcliffe expressed his support for the proposal, describing Ottawa as a “hub of Shawarma culture.”

Following the council session, Sutcliffe affirmed to reporters that Shawarma holds a special place within Ottawa’s cultural fabric and serves as a distinctive feature of the city.

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