OTV Thought Jimmy Kimmel’s Pfizer Valentine’s Day Commercial Joke Was Real

Jimmy Kimmel Live! | ABC/Randy Holmes

The American late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! made a parody of Pfizer commercial for Valentine’s Day, and OTV Lebanon thought it was real and tagged along…

The popular comedian posted it on his social media account with the funny caption, “You only have one shot at the perfect gift… #ValentinesDay.”

The mocking video consisted of a man kneeling down on one knee and presenting the vaccine as if it were an engagement ring.

The Free Patriotic Movement-affiliated Lebanese television channel did not catch the joke, which was intended for the purpose of comedy, and reported it as being an official Pfizer commercial about the vaccine for Valentine’s Day.

Apparently, because the vaccine arrived in Lebanon on Valentine’s Day, OTV must have assumed that Pfizer took advantage of the holiday to advertise the vaccine… in a romantic way.

However, with puns like, “Don’t just be her somebody, be her anti-body” and “Inoculate yourselves with love,” and the background laughs, it’s hard to see how anyone might have thought it was a real commercial.

In addition, how could anyone miss the #KIMMEL at the bottom right of the screen?

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OTV Thought Jimmy Kimmel's Pfizer Valentine's Day Commercial Joke Was Real

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