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An online entrepreneur in digital marketing and advertising, based in Canada. Anthony launched the961 with the mission of promoting Lebanon and showing its positive side.

A team made up of passionate people who share the common goal of promoting Lebanon and showing its positive side.

Young lady from Lebanon. 22 years old. Dentistry student. Big love for writing. Currently in a life stage where expressing myself in any way possible is a priority.

Souad is a third culture kid, born in California living in Lebanon, who endures a lifelong identity crisis and smiles about it. You may often look at her and wonder if she’s deep in thought, but really she’s just confused. She is easily distracted by shiny, fluffy, or colorful things.

Born in Tripoli yet raised in Saudi Arabia in a European French community mixed with a dash of Maghrebi, sprinkles of American personalities, and a topping of Lebanese humor (we’re literally everywhere). Yahya trains and eats like a beast because food is life. He is also an avid reader and life-long learner with a thirst for knowledge. His goal: success in every aspect of life while inspiring others to do the same.

An engineer interested in anything related to the society. Lover of sports, reading, writing, and public speaking!

Beyrouthine et parisienne, végétalienne convaincue, amatrice de thé à la menthe, de romans russes et de séries animées, je ne fais que suivre des chemins détournés.

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