Our Top 10 Most Popular Stories of 2019

Since we reach the end of 2019, we put up a list of our top 10 most shared and read articles in 2018. Every year, some come as a surprise even for us, and yet here is what got the most interest of our public. Enjoy!


#1 10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Lebanese Woman

Via The961

Topping our yearly list for three consecutive years, this listicle guide has been much sought after for several reasons. Dating a Lebanese woman is an absolute no-brainer. Aside from being among the most beautiful and elegant in the world, Lebanese women are loyal, well-articulated, smart, family-oriented, witty, educated, and proven of late to be change-makers, peace-makers, and patriotic. 


#2 These Are 11 Countries Lebanese Can Visit Without A Visa!

Via The961

Another of our articles that topped the yearly list again. Interesting enough, some of these countries might not be the most popular destinations in the world, but they’ve given the Lebanese the unique opportunity to visit sites like adventurous and explorers.


#3 Dear world, don’t bother watching the Beirut movie!

Via The961

Yes, the article did very well as we did at The961 calling to boycott this movie disgracing Lebanon with such a horrible image that would put off even the bravest to visit our country.


#4 7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Lebanese Man

Via The961

We must say, this one is also a topper, AGAIN, in our yearly list, and we shouldn’t be surprised; Lebanese men are popular! From the strong family values and smartness to their good looks and determination, all the way to their ambitious goals and drive to succeed.


#5 Amal Clooney Just Spoke About the Lebanese Revolution

Via The961

On the 20th day of the Lebanese revolution, Amal Alamuddine Clooney, the Lebanese-British international human rights lawyer, gave a boost of hope and power to the Lebanese people of the revolution when she expressed her support to Lebanon’s uprising against corruption and injustice.

She stated that we are witnessing a beautiful moment in the transformation of a beautiful country, stressing that there should be no going back. Read more.


#6 15 Reasons Why Protesting in Lebanon Is Uniquely Fun and Empowering

Via The961

Memorable events that have occurred during the protests that not only made us laugh out loud and some warmed our hearts but they also reminded us and the world how unique Lebanese could be. Check them out!


#7 20 Lebanese Tycoons Made it to Forbes’ 2019 Billionaire List

Via The961

About 9 months ago, Forbes released its annual list for the richest people in the world. More than a few Lebanese made it onto the prestigious list. And while this will infuriate many of us today, with all that the country is enduring of financial and political hardships, you may still want to check it out here.


#8 Disney Just Selected a Lebanese Singer to Perform in the New Aladdin Movie

Via The961

Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji has reached international levels with her unique talent, her well-mastered vocal techniques, and her excellent performance in every work she offers, and Walt Disney selected her this year to cast her voice on the character of “Yasmine” in the French version of the new Aladdin movie. Read more.


#9 30+ outstanding people that make us proud to be Lebanese

Via The961

From Fairouz, Gebran Khalil Gebran, and Danny Thomas to Elie Saab, Nadine Labaki and Mona Nemr, this is the list of over 30 people who make us proud to be Lebanese and the reasons why.


#10 Lebanese Chocolate Factory Chosen Among the Best in the World

Via Lebanon Traveler

The Chocolate Factory of Lebanese native Maya Maalouf Kenaan, M de Noir Chocolatier was chosen among the 25 best chocolatiers in the world at the Salon du Chocolat Paris in France. And this is her story.


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