30+ outstanding Lebanese women that make us proud!

In observance of the International Women’s Day, we put up a list of more than 30 Lebanese women that make us proud. From weightlifters to journalists and scientists, Lebanese women are excelling in all the fields! We would also like to congratulate the Lebanese women in the Army, Red Cross, Internal Security Forces, and the Civil Defense.

Hala Mahassen

Occupation: Weightlifter

Linda Matar

Occupation: Former president of the League of Lebanese Women’s Rights.


Occupation: Singer

Maud Kamal

Occupation: Scientist and recipient of the Curie Award in France. Read more about her



Elissar Farah Antonios

Occupation: CEO of Citibank U.A.E.


Occupation: Singer and actress

Randa El Assaad

Occupation: CEO of Arif & Bintoak Consulting Architects and Engineers

Mona Nemer

Occupation: Canada’s chief science researcher Read more about her



Raghida Dergham

Occupation: Journalist, political analyst, and recipient of the Arab Woman Award for 2017.

Salma Hayek

Occupation: Actress and producer.

Susan Dabaja

Occupation: President of Dearborn’s city council Read more about her



Emily Nasrallah

Occupation: Author and recipient of the official decoration of the Federal Republic of Germany. Read more about her



Niveen Khashab

Occupation: Chemist Read more about her



Mona Bawarshi

Occupation: CEO of Gezairi Transport

Paula Yacoubian

Occupation: Journalist and recipient of the Order of the Crown from King Philippe of Belgium.

Hala Fadel

Occupation: Partner of Leap Ventures

Ingie Chalhoub

Occupation: President and Managing Director of Etoile Group

Souha Kanj 

Occupation: Researcher and winner of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for arab researchers.

Joumana Chelala

Occupation: Deputy General Manager and Head of Consumer Banking of Byblos Bank

Christine Sfeir

Occupation: CEO of Treats Holding

Raya Abirached

Occupation: TV presenter, journalist, and producer.

Nadine Labaki

Occupation: Director

Caroline Fattal Fakhoury

Occupation: Senior VP and Board Member of Fattal Group

Nadia Cheaib

Occupation: Founder and CEO of Clingroup Holding

Myrna Soufan

Occupation: COO of Banque Bemo

Sana Khater

Occupation: CFO of Waha Capital

Jinan Zoya

Occupation: General Manager of Family Business Council

Joelle Mardinian

Occupation: Founder of Maison de Joelle and Clinica Joelle, and the host of a makeover show called Joelle.

Darin Al Bayed

Occupation: YouTuber

Amal Clooney

Occupation: Lawyer, Doughty Street Chambers

Nayla Hayek

Occupation: Chair, Swatch; CEO, Harry Winston

Reem Acra

Occupation: Fashion designer

Ayah Bdeir

Occupation: Founder and CEO of LittleBits Read more about her