Over 1 Million Lebanese Expats So Far Have Arrived In Lebanon For Summer

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The Lebanese expatriates confirm once again the extent of their love and attachment to their home country. Just as they had a major role in the process of change in the parliamentary elections, they will also have the primary role in the process of saving Lebanon’s economy.

The Head of the Federation of Tourist Syndicates in Lebanon, Pierre Al-Ashkar, said in a statement that Lebanon has a real opportunity to catch its breath this summer, with the arrival of about 1.2 million people so far. Most of them are Lebanese expats.

He stressed that this number is real, counted from reservations at travel and tourism offices, and important in the success of this promising season in light of the stifling economic and living crisis.

Accordingly, Al-Ashkar called on official and political forces to assume their national responsibilities, put aside all rivalries and quarrels, and work to calm the situation in order to welcome all Lebanese, Arab, and foreign tourists.

He also called on the media to play its leading role by promoting all Lebanon’s regions and tourism sectors.

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