Over 1,000 Lebanese Injured By The Beirut Blast Are Still Handicapped

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The Beirut Port Explosion, one of the most disastrous non-nuclear explosions witnessed in history, caused the Lebanese population harm beyond words.

According to Sylvana Lakkis, the head of the Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union, “More than 1000 Lebanese residents are now disabled due to the port explosion.”

The handicapped victims of the Beirut Blast currently face a daily struggle to cover hospital bills, proceed with their daily activities, and reintegrate into their communities.

Among the living victims of the blast is a 55-year-old woman, who lost her hand due to the blast. She told 961News that her mental health had been the most impacted due to her disability. She faces the daily struggle of working two jobs and taking care of her household with only one hand.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, underwent multiple surgeries in order to regain her hand mobility but none has been effective so far. She told 961News that on the day of the Blast, no hospital would welcome her.

She shared that when she finally reached a hospital that accepted her admission, they asked her to pay an amount of $7,000 to proceed with the surgery. The “criminals,” she said referring to the hospital, made her wait 2 days to perform the surgery as she did not have the amount of money they requested.

She now takes multiple pharmaceutical drugs and awaits her last surgery, hoping to restore hand mobility. “We are waiting for a miracle,” her daughter told 961News.

Another victim among the handicapped by the Beirut Blast is Joseph Ghafari.

Ghafari was taking a walk near his house in Ashrafieh when he heard the sound of two explosions. He suddenly found himself on the ground with unbearable pain in his right shoulder and one of his legs crushed under a huge rock.

As he lifted the rock off, he found his leg “detached.” Ghafari underwent several surgeries for his now amputated leg.

Ghafari’s home also incurred major devastation.

While Ghafari has high spirits and ample faith in himself and God, he finds difficulties in transportation, as he told 961News. “Going up the stairs, driving a car, and going to work daily” are just some of the few difficulties he faces daily.

“No organizations have looked at me to provide financial help whatsoever except Caritas,” said Ghafari. “Neither the Ministry of Health nor the Red Cross have provided financial help for my medical procedures,” he said.

Ghafari has yet to undergo surgery for his left shoulder. He says that it is not a matter of finances but he simply cannot bear the pain of undergoing more procedures.

Instead, he has resorted to taking 6 morphine portions daily to minimize the pain he feels. “No one in Lebanon has experienced the pain that I have experienced,” he said.

While Ghafari is holding on to faith and morphine, the 55-year-old woman has been unable to cope without the needed hand surgery. Those willing to lend their assistance may contact her on +961 71 583 198 or contact Joseph Ghafari on +961 3 244 180.

Another heartbreaking story is that of Liliane Cheaito, who is trapped by her paralyzing injuries and the banking crisis in Lebanon, with no support.

The tragedy of the Beirut Blast hasn’t ended. Two years later, the traumatic grief and the physical suffering of many continue, with no justice in sight, not even out of compassion.

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