Over 200 Wounded In Beirut Protests, 60+ Severe

Riots erupted 4th day after the Beirut Port Explosion against the lousy Lebanese government. People are fed up with their negligence and irresponsibility towards the crisis that was announced as a “national emergency.”

Other countries have proven to be doing a better job for Lebanon in this catastrophe than our own dawleh.

On Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron stole the Lebanese’s hearts with his compassion towards our situation. One that the government didn’t think of doing as if the devastated people don’t matter.

The Lebanese are angrily protesting in martyrs square, trying to access the parliament and ministry council headquarters. Fumed with rage, they are going all out on the head-on riot control.

In return, the police are allegedly shooting live bullets at the protesters, causing severe injuries.

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So far, they have reported 238 wounded and 63 severely injured who were transported to hospitals.