Oxfam Reported That Over Half Of Lebanese Are Willing To Vote In The Upcoming Elections


On Tuesday, the international organization Oxfam published new research on voter turnout and behavior towards Lebanon’s May 15 parliamentary elections, based on 4,760 people surveyed in Lebanon.

According to Dana Abed, an Influencing Lead at Oxfam in Lebanon, almost half of those surveyed said that they will not vote because of the lack of belief in the candidates and lack of hope due to the economic crisis.

“YET, of those who will vote, 48% will vote for independents,” said Abed.

The study also found that almost 80% of the respondents believe that the performance of the current political class is bad, however, 40% of them will still vote for them.

“More than half of those who will vote for the traditional parties will do so out of tradition and loyalty to the family/region/sect. Those who will vote for independents will do so because they believe in their vision and programs,” continued Dana Abed on Twitter.

retrieved from @danaabed_ on Twitter

The “Analyzing Voter Turnout in Lebanon: Political Change in Times of Crisis” research for voting behavior employs a mixed methodology using 15 in-depth interviews.

According to the report, the turnout is affected by “the feeling of hopelessness and disappointment that reigns in the country”, with only 54% of respondents being willing to vote.

However, when asked about the reasons behind their voting choices, 62% of those who will vote for independents believe their candidates will be able to solve the economic crisis.

61% said that those candidates will improve living conditions, 55% believe said that they are not corrupt, and 58% said that they reflect the people’s demands.

To conclude the survey, Oxfam reported that women make up a larger percentage of those to vote for independent candidates, however, attempts to include Lebanese women and members of the queer community in the electoral process are non-existent.