Acclaimed DJ Is Launching An Event Series In Europe To “Bring Back Beirut”

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“Beirut needs us! The region is still destroyed in the aftermath of the 2020 explosion.”

This is how Sama Abdulhadi, an acclaimed Palestinian Techno DJ and musician, announced on her Instagram the launching of her new club event series “Bring Back Beirut.”

Abdulhadi, who proclaims Beirut her second home, had previously performed at The Ballroom Blitz in Beirut in an impromptu all-nighter alongside local artists.

Deeming it the least she can do for the city where she found herself in music and found her freedom, as she stated, she’s now planning a large-scale event series in Europe to help out.

“Today I am proud to announce the launch of my initiative ‘Bring Back Beirut’ to help Lebanon rise back up on its feet. Beirut needs us!” Abdulhadi posted on her Instagram.

Abdulhadi wants to give back to Beirut and is partnering with Nusaned, a humanitarian and volunteer-run NGO based in Beirut for that purpose, with all the proceeds pledged to the Adopt A Family program.

The first event will take place on Saturday, March 12th, at London’s Phonox, where a number of great Lebanese DJs will also perform, such as Jad Taleb, Sam Karam, and Tryanglema.

The fundraiser event series will then head to other European cities, including Berlin and Paris, in the following months.

“The region is still destroyed in the aftermath of the 2020 explosion. The first event is at Phonox, London, and will continue with curated fundraisers in Berlin, Paris, and other destinations,” Abdulhadi captioned her post.

She continues, explaining: “I’ve selected Nusaned to channel all financial proceeds made from the events as I trust the funds will reach those in need. Beirut is my second home, it’s the place where I found myself in music and found my freedom. It’s the least I can do to help highlight the situation.”

The situation in Lebanon is indeed dramatic due to severe hyperinflation, the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion that persists, the compiling crises of basic amenities, including medications, and the prevailing negligence of the ruling elite and their resistance to reforms.

And yet, Beirut refuses to die despite it all, and despite its broken heart and devastation, persevering to maintain its reputation as one of the main regional club hubs, with striving DJs and musicians still playing music… to keep Beirut alive.

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