Palestinian Hamas Member Was Just Arrested In Lebanon For Spying For Israel

The MirYam Institute

Khalil Abou Maazeh, a Palestinian individual, was arrested in Sidon, Lebanon, under suspicion of collaborating with Israel.

He confessed during interrogation that he had initially served in Gaza’s Qassam Brigades engineering unit before fully joining Hamas’ military wing and establishing connections, both within and outside the organization.

Abou Maazeh revealed that Israel’s intelligence services had recruited him years ago, incentivized by financial gain.

Further investigations revealed his connections to Qassam Brigades engineers involved in weapon development for Palestinian resistance and his involvement in a sabotage operation that led to the death of a bomb technician, Hamza Shaheen.

Abou Maazeh also had ties to Hamas’ West Bank division and played a role in exposing resistance cells in Palestine.

While in Beirut, he was tasked by Israel with monitoring the movements of Hamas militants traveling from the West Bank or Gaza Strip to Lebanon.

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