11 Paradise-Like Places In Chouf You Should Check Out If You Are Truly A Nature Lover

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Every Lebanese person can concur on how Chouf is the destination for a peaceful outing, especially for nature lovers.

Chouf is a historic region of Lebanon in the governorate of Mount Lebanon. Its rich history is nothing compared to its spectacular nature reserves, evergreen mountains, and picturesque sceneries.

If you happen to be yearning for some alone time in nature or an enjoyable getaway surrounded by Lebanon’s distinguished environment, Chouf is the place to go!

Here are some places that you might have not heard of for nature lovers in Chouf:

FarmVille Barouk

FarmVille is an actual farm located in Barouk, only 9 km from Beit Eddine, where you can book your own guesthouse for an unprecedented simple experience, away from the extravagance of today’s life.

In addition to that, there are regular events that take place there, organized by Cezar Projects, which are devoted to developing the ecotourism sector in the country.

For more info, contact 76 711 811

Shouf Highland

A breathtaking experience in a modest, yet artistic site in Ain Zhalta. You can book your stay at one of their caravans, or simply enjoy a drink at their sunset bar. Sunset yoga sessions are also a thing at Shouf Highland!

For more info, contact 70 011 550

BE Besri

Have you ever considered camping in the Besri Valley? Be Besri is the perfect campsite with accommodation, an outdoor restaurant, and activities. This peaceful campsite is your desired location for a turn-back into nature.

For more info, contact 76 942 587

Nomads Nature and Nurture

Yes, you read the name correctly! A literal nomad experience in this community, offering a wellness center, lodging, and culinary experience. A place where you will get in touch with your inner child after seeing their tree houses. You can even book your private lodging and pool.

For more info, contact 76 370 709


The guesthouse of your dreams. Nestled in the heart of Chouf, Bouyouti is the perfect location for your stay. Check their Instagram page for an insight into the ambiance of the place.

For more info, contact 03 310 200 – 03 726 200


Built with traditional Lebanese stones and vintage furniture, Bkerzay is a property covered with olive groves, wildlife, and a variety of flora. The place celebrates Lebanese architecture and beauty. You can book your stay at their guesthouse or hotel, and enjoy a variety of daily activities they offer.

For more info, contact the Restaurant: 71 766 664 | the Hotel: 03 512 020

Moonlight Farm and Resort

A hotel resort with a distinguished décor of its lodgings amidst nature, this is your perfect destination for a pleasant stay and a unique experience.

For more info, contact 71 133 339


Located in the heart of Deir El Qamar, Sight is a lounge with a sunset bar and breathtaking panoramic views for a tranquil evening.

For more info, contact 70 072 325

Lavender Getaway

If you missed your chance of paying a visit to Lavender Getaway last summer, this is the time to hit the place. A breathtaking view overlooking mountains, and the perfect sunset site.

For more info, contact 81 927 066

Shalalat Al Zarka

This is the location you’ve been looking for to pop the question, a romantic dinner, or even a family outing. Located in the heart of Baakline, surrounded by a waterfall, Shalalat Al Zarka is one of the most visited locations in Chouf.

For more info, contact 03 560 301

Shallalat Nabeh Merched

Located in Al Mukhtara, Shallalet Nabeh Merched is another restaurant surrounded by the Nabeh Merched waterfall. It is most suitable for a family luncheon.

For more info, contact 25 310 220

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