This Paralyzed Lebanese Athlete Is Going On An Expedition To The North Pole!

Suffering from physical disabilities did not prevent Michael Haddad from being one of the most recognized athletes in Lebanon. He got in a Jet Ski accident at the age of 6 which fractured his spine and paralyzed him. In fact, the doctors told him that he would never be able to walk again. However, Haddad took that as a challenge. If he lost hope at that time, he would have never been an athlete that is inspiring everyone to do their best! Haddad’s next plan involves a 100-kilometer trek to the North Pole! This athlete is not only about climbing the mountains of Lebanon or scaling the Raouché. As an environmentalist, he makes sure to spread a message behind everything he does.

His message to the world

One example is that he always carries the cedar tree flag with him to make people aware of the possibility of reforestation, the danger of climate change, and the reality of water pollution. The North Pole expedition is called “The North Pole Expedition, A Journey for Humanity.” He is aiming at making people more aware of the current state of the Arctic which is melting because of global warming. Thanks to the engineering team at the Lebanese American University (LAU), Haddad’s trip was made easier. The athlete has to wear an exoskeleton which is a suit that makes his movements easier. The team at LAU is going to design a new exoskeleton for Haddad that is lighter and cheaper. The expedition got launched in the Grand Serail with the presence of many political figures. Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that Lebanon will overcome all the challenges the way this Lebanese athlete is doing. Also, the UNDP resident representative in Lebanon said that the work of Haddad is truly inspiring for the United Nations.

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