Parents Of Private Schools Students In Lebanon Protest Against ‘Fresh Dollar Tax’


The parents of the students of the Greek Orthodox Girls’ School in Al-Zahria, Tripoli, carried out a sit-in with the participation of the labor union in the north, protesting against the non-implementation of the Education Ministry’s decision not to pay in fresh dollars.

The head of the Parents Committee, Mohammad Al-Masry, pointed out that parents can no longer tolerate an increase in the premiums.

This came following the school’s decision to impose on the parents an amount of $250 under the pretext of supporting teachers and raising the level of education.

A father by the name of Bilal Al-Kurdi, spoke on behalf of the parents, rejecting the decision to increase the premiums and what he called the new fresh dollar tax.

He called on the Education Minister to intervene and hold every school accountable for not complying with the ministry’s circular.

The head of the General Labor Union, Shadi Al-Sayed, called for a boycott of every school that does not comply with the decision of the Education Ministry, describing the imposing of the fresh dollar fee as immoral.

The sit-in was concluded with a speech by Qahtan Madi, head of the parents’ committees in Lebanon, calling on all parents’ committees not to pay any increase in installments in dollars, stressing that private schools reap large profits from students and can pay teachers’ salaries through those profits.

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