Parliamentary Meeting Postponed Under The Protesters’ Pressure

A session of the Lebanese Parliament scheduled for Tuesday, November 12, 2019, has been postponed for a week with the excuse of “maintaining national security.”

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri stated it just today as the buildup for tomorrow’s meeting was circulating throughout the country, and a widespread strike was declared by the protesters.

Protesters intended to take the streets during the session, with road closures and mass demonstrations being planned to block access to the parliament building.

The meeting, surrounded in controversy and boycotted by many Parliamentarians themselves has been at the center of today’s and tomorrow’s news.

Reuters was the first to report that Berri postponed the meeting to next week – reportedly in order “to revise” the agenda?

Since the parliamentary session was initially announced, propaganda and guessing games have been circulating online about the reasoning behind its agenda – as protesters will most likely hit the streets tomorrow anyway.

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