Lebanon Will Hold Parliamentary By-Elections By End Of March

TDS/Mohamad Azakir

Lebanon will hold parliamentary by-elections by the end of March, according to caretaker Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi.

With 8 MPs having resigned in the wake of the Beirut Port explosion and 2 other seats left vacant, including that of the oldest MP Michel el-Murr and Jean Obeid, both passing away of coronavirus, the Parliament has been left with 118 members out of 128.

To fill 10 vacant seats as soon as possible, by-elections will take place by the end of March at the latest, noted Fahmi during a call with the Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Thursday reported NNA.

According to the Lebanese Constitution, parliamentary by-elections should have taken place within two months after seats became vacant, but this was delayed due to the pandemic.

Who’s seats will be filled?

  1. Michel el-Murr (deceased)
  2. Jean Obeid (deceased)
  3. Sami Gemayel (resigned)
  4. Elias Hankash (resigned)
  5. Paula Yacoubian (resigned)
  6. Nadim Gemayel (resigned)
  7. Neemat Frem (resigned)
  8. Michel Mouawad (resigned)
  9. Marwan Hamadeh (resigned)
  10. Henri Helou (resigned)

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