These Parodies Of Illogical Lebanese Ads Are Hilarious!

We recently talked about how much Lebanese series are messed up, but what about commercials?

Even though Lebanese commercials are getting better year by year, a lot of them are illogical, annoying, or lame.

The sad part is that we have to bear them while watching our favorite TV shows. It gets worse during Ramadan!

Since people are hung on their TV sets to binge-watch Ramadan series, TV channels take advantage of the prime time and broadcast commercials more than usual!

So you can imagine what the Lebanese population is going through right now!

Wissam Kamal, a young Lebanese stand-up comedian, had enough of these commercials and decided to make parodies of them. With the help of his parents and friends, Wissam recreated many commercials in a funny way.

Here are 3 hilarious parodies!

#1 Lebanese Ads: F**k Logic – Beer

This guy certainly lacks attention!

#2 Lebanese Ads F**k Logic – House Loan

This guy just achieved what every person dreams of: he graduated from Harvard with a Ph.D., he received a Nobel Prize, and he found a job. Why ask him if he has a house? And wait, with all this success, why doesn’t he have a house?!

#3 Lebanese Ads F**k Logic – Sales App

Imagine selling your bed and your parents acting cool about it! Commercials need to get more realistic; we’re not in Hollywood!