Breaking: Part Of The Beirut Port Silos Just Collapsed (Video)


Part of the northern wheat silos in the port of Beirut just collapsed.

A fire has been ongoing for a couple of weeks, reported the residues of the wheat. When the 961News team went on-site last week to grab exclusive footage, the fire was still blazing at a manageble rate.

The following day, the fire engulfed the northern side in a less controllable manner – forcing a decision to try and put off the fire.

The 961News team, when inquired about a potential collapse, were told that the silos withstood the explosion, the biggest non-nuclear explosion in recorded history and that the foundation was deep enough to keep the structure mostly intact. This is despite reports that parts will collapse.

This comes just days away from the 2nd anniversary of the Beirut Blast.

Directions were issued last week for the public to prepare and take certain measures should the silos collapse and release potentially toxic chemicals back into the air – you can read it here.

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