Passengers leaving Beirut Airport to pay higher exit fees starting Monday

The new tax law, which went into effect on October 26, aims at funding the salaries of the employees in the public sector. Starting Monday, the passengers that are leaving Beirut – Rafic Hariri International Airport will have to pay higher exit fees. The tax hike will only affect the business class, first class, and private jets. There is no increase on economy tickets. The new rates depend on the travel class of the passenger:

Short-haul tickets:

(the tax fee remained unchanged) Business class: LBP70,000 ($46) First class: LBP100,000 ($66) Private jet: LBP100,000 ($66)

Long-haul tickets: 

Business class: LBP110,000 ($73) First class: LBP150,000 ($99) Private jet: LBP400,000 ($265)

  The short-haul destinations are cities that are less than 1,250 kilometers away. These cities are in Georgia, Egypt, Armenia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Cyprus, Medina in KSA, Tabriz in Azerbaijan, and Athens, Rhodes, and Mykonos in Greece. To note, those who bought their tickets before the law came into force and are traveling long-haul or on a private jet will still have to pay the costs. Also, newly purchased tickets will include the additional tax fee.

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