There Were Passengers Reportedly With Symptoms On The Packed London-Beirut Flight (Video)

There Were Passengers With Symptoms Reportedly on Packed Flight to Beirut
Instagram/Middle East Airlines | Twitter/Ethan Weiss

A Lebanese passenger who had been aboard the recent controversial London-Beirut plane has opened up about what went on during the flight.

In a video he posted on social media, the frustrated passenger explained that his resentful attitude toward the Middle East Airlines only started after boarding the plane.

At first, seeing the members of MEA and General Security wearing hazmat suits and taking proper measures before allowing passengers on the plane gave him a sense of safety, he admitted.

But this feeling quickly vanished after the passenger took his seat; it was then that he realized the flight was fully booked.

Furious, he and other Lebanese passengers had heated arguments with the flight attendants, of which video accounts later went viral in Lebanon.

Nonetheless, the Beirut-London flight took off, full to the brim with shocked passengers who had no safe distances in between them.

However, the real shocker was awaiting this disappointed passenger, who had a Platinum Membership with MEA, at the back of the plane.

He said that as he headed to the bathroom, he noticed a group of passengers at the back wearing red bracelets around their wrists.

After landing in Lebanon, he learned that none of the backseat passengers had taken the PCR test, and yet were allowed to board the plane… But that’s not the biggest surprise of the day.

It also turned out that the “red wrists” were actually either infected or showing symptoms of the pandemic disease.

As if the deceived passengers weren’t already in shock, they also realized that the airport’s staff in Beirut were not even aware that the plane was full.

Immediately after the videos of the mishap took over social media in Lebanon, the finger-pointing game began between MEA and the Lebanese Embassy in London.

MEA’s defense? Talk to the Lebanese Embassy. The Embassy’s response? It’s MEA’s fault.

Check out the story, as told by the baffled passenger himself, in the video below.

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