The Lebanese Passport Crisis Will Be Resolved Gradually As Of October


The Director-General of General Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, confirmed that the passport crisis “will be resolved gradually, starting from the month of October, and the beginning of resolving the final crisis will be at the doors of next year.”

Earlier this month, and as a response to the increased requests on social media asking to extend the validity of expired passports, the General Directorate of General Security (DGSG) released a statement clarifying that said requests cannot be carried out.

Noting that three days ahead of the parliamentary election day, the Lebanese government agreed to renew expired passports so people can vote in the 2022 parliamentary elections.

These newly renewed passports were only valid for voting during the electoral process.

Last June, the $14 million payment to the French company contracted to print passports. was finally done.

However, passport renewal appointments were all booked until April 2023.

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