Patriarch Al-Rahi Is Demanding That The Beirut Blast Investigation Continues

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The Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi presided over the liturgy for the souls of the slain victims of the Beirut Port explosion, all the wounded and those affected, in St. George’s Cathedral in central Beirut.

He addressed His Holiness Pope Francis, thanking him for the message he sent to Lebanon and for his paternal love, praying for his full recovery and the fulfillment of his wishes for Lebanon.

The Maronite Patriarch stated that “today, we are facing two crimes, the crime of bombing the port and the crime of distracting the investigation, and the distraction is no less important than the bombing.”

He also considered that some ministers are ignoring the crime of the port and others are unjustly obstructing the course of justice without the Council of Ministers taking the initiative to act and address the matter.

“We have been constantly calling for the formation of a new government and the election of a president for the republic so that the clarity of the reality of the port will be at the top of the officials’ priorities, and only in the light of truth and justice can we and every person stand before God, glorify and thank him.”

The liturgy was preceded by a prayer being recited by one of the families of the victims of the port explosion, announcing that “hope and life are stronger than despair and death, and we will continue to pray to reveal the truth and achieve justice and for a better tomorrow for the country of the message, Lebanon.”

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