Paul Naggear, Father Of 3-Year-Old Beirut Blast Victim, Is Running As Secular Candidate In Engineer & Architects Syndicate

Paul Naggear | wikimapia

After the Order of Engineers and Architects (OEA) Council of Delegates elections were delayed without reason for over a year, change will finally take place on June 27th. 

In the running as a Secular Engineers and Architects’ candidate is Lebanese engineer Paul Naggear, the father of 3-year-old Beirut blast victim Alexandra.

Naggear has been up against the government countless times in the October 17 Revolution and specifically after the death of his daughter, caused by the explosion that politicians have yet to be held accountable for. 

It is over 10 months after the blast, and not only did the country’s leaders do nothing to help, they have also driven the country rapidly to a worse situation.

With the government formation going nowhere, Naggear slammed France for continuing to meet with “corrupt and criminal” political figures stating that it is like negotiating with the mafia.

The election is a step forward to creating actual change in Lebanon’s systems from within, breaking the sectarian monopoly of the OEA, and reclaiming the syndicate for the free people.

“The regime insists on blocking the electoral process in the engineering syndicate elections, but we insist on organizing, planning, recruiting, and running for the elections on the 27th of June,” Naggear wrote on social media.

Those wanting to help Naggear freeing the OEA of the government’s grip can sign up to volunteer (here) and/or simply spread the word.

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