The Word سلام (Peace) Will Be Seen In Beirut From Space!

Beirut has witnessed many wars and conflicts during the past decades. But its wounds are healed, and Beirut is moving on. Unfortunately, Beirut is still represented as a war zone and a place where you do not want to be. Ashekman decided to change this perception that people have of Beirut with its new project that took 2 years of preparation!

Sending peace from Beirut to the world

A gigantic Arabic calligraphy of the word سلام (peace in Arabic) will be painted on rooftops of Ouz ville. It will be viewed from space. Thus, showing the world (including hypothetical extraterrestrial beings) that Lebanon is a country of diversity, tolerance and peace. The project is supported by

Ayad Nasser



ASHEKMAN is an Arabic street art concept based in Beirut. It specializes in Arabic Graffiti, Calligraphy, Arabic rap music and Arabic street wear. ASHEKMAN’s mission is to revive the Arabic rich culture and history through art.

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