4 People Arrested For Torching A Town’s Christmas Tree In Lebanon

Shane Manson/Safir Al Chamal

According to the National News Agency, four people were arrested on Wednesday for torching a Christmas tree in northern Lebanon in the town of Dinniyeh, a day before Christmas eve.

The tree was originally donated by the locals of Dinniyeh, placed in the middle of the town as a symbol of coexistence and new-found positivity for this Christmas season.

The Lebanese Army Intelligence carried out several raids in the humble town yesterday morning, and has officially arrested four suspects.

The names of the suspect are not made public, but the Lebanese Army Intelligence assured the public that investigations are on-going.

Credits: Safir Al Chamal

The newspaper “Ambassador of the North” called out for the opinions of the residents of Dinniyeh in regards to the incident, whereas most people agreed that this act was just a way to provoke trouble in the area.

The mayor of Dinniyeh, Ahmed Alam, said, β€œThe area is open to 30 villages, so it’s possible that the one who burned the Christmas tree might not be from Dinniyeh. Either way, we thank the locals who put this tree as it is a great step forwards towards co-existence.”

“The Municipal Council met today and declared its denunciation of the treacherous act that is in no way related to our principles and our lives, and we demand the security forces to find the perpetrator and to strike with an iron fist against anyone who is inciting harm,” Alam added.

It is noteworthy to mention that this is not the first time this incident happens in the town of Dinniyeh, which is majorly comprised of Sunni Muslims. Only last year, a group of residents also burned down the Christmas tree to portray their dismissal of placing the tree that “opposes their religious views”.

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4 People Arrested For Torching A Town's Christmas Tree In Lebanon

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