People Are Blocking Roads Across Lebanon As Living Conditions Worsen

People Are Blocking Roads Across Lebanon As Living Conditions Worsen

The continued deterioration in living conditions in Lebanon is raising the frequency of protests across governorates.

On Friday morning, protesters blocked the Masnaa Road in Rachaiya, southern Lebanon, using large rocks and garbage containers.

Around the same time, protesters in Corniche El-Mazraa blocked both ways of the road near the Abdel Naser Mosque.

These moves resume the protests of Thursday night when a group of young men used burning tires to block the western route of the Jbeil Highway.

On the same night, the southern Jiyeh Highway was blocked using trucks and burning tires, around the time protesters gathered at the Ring Road, closing it on both sides as well.

The protests come in response to the numerous difficulties facing the Lebanese people as they attempt to go about their daily lives.

Intense fuel shortages, more frequent blackouts, internet cuts, in addition to inflation, soaring food prices, and crumbling health security are some of the reasons that the Lebanese complain about when they take to the streets, which they’ve often done since the start of the economic crisis in 2019.

The latest protests also followed a noticeable drop in the Lebanese pound‘s value against the U.S. dollar after fluctuating between 12,000 and 13,000 LBP/USD for over a month, almost hitting 15,000 LBP/USD this week.

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