People In Lebanon Are Forcing Gas Stations Hiding Fuel To Open (Video)

(Video) People Force Tyre Gas Stations Hiding Thousands Of Liters Of Fuel To Open

Crowds of people forced several gas stations in Lebanon to open on Thursday after finding out that they had been storing thousands of liters of gasoline.

Accompanied by security forces, dozens of angry young men stormed multiple closed stations in the Deir Qanun Ras El-Ein area near Tyre, southern Lebanon, forcing them to reopen and sell their reserves.

The move came after the targeted gas stations were found to be storing thousands of liters of fuel in their tanks, according to Al-Jadeed.

Some of these stations had been closed since the start of the fuel crisis in Lebanon, months ago.

A video has been posted online showing people waiting to refuel at one of the stations after forcing its owner to resume operations.

That particular station alone was storing 3,000 liters of fuel, according to the person who filmed the video.

On a related note, as people gathered in front of the Green Lebanon gas station in the nearby village of Ain Baal to refuel, the Lebanese Army intervened to maintain security.

The said gas station had requested security support due to the repeated fights that would break out among people waiting to refuel in its perimeter and result in several injuries.

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