People In Lebanon Just Hijacked A Truck Transporting Gasoline (Video)


As chaos unfolds across the country over the gasoline crisis, a group of protesters just stopped an Apec tanker loaded with gasoline on the Muhammarah-Abdah highway in Akkar, North Lebanon.

The protesters were blocking the roads in the region and saw the opportunity to take hold of the tanker.

Some of them climbed the truck to fill gallons with gasoline, currently a precious commodity in Lebanon due to its shortage, and distributed them directly among those present.

The shortage of gasoline all across Lebanon has been forcing people to wait in hours-long queues to fuel their vehicles as those in charge have been incapable to solve the crisis, among the other crises rampaging the country.

Over 140 gas stations have even refused to receive fuel, citing security concerns in light of increasing violence.

Clashes, some of which are deadly, are taking place in gas stations every day while, simultaneously, smugglers are attempting to sell the Lebanese-subsidized gasoline to Syria for a higher profit.

In addition to that, the wait in the queues is leading to some car accidents – some tragic as the one that has claimed the lives of a mother and her 4 children on Monday evening.

In a mere expression of the frustration with the state, some people are commending the bravado of the protesters in hijacking the Apec truck.

As of yet there is no statement or reaction from officials about the hijacking.

Watch the action: