People In Lebanon Will Be Able To Enjoy Snow This Summer

Alfred Ina

Weather of Lebanon, a Lebanon-based weather forecast, posted a Tweet on Tuesday saying that at the beginning of summer, people in Lebanon will be able to be tanning by the sea and enjoy the snow on the same day.

Lebanon is known for its unique spring weather that allows people to both snow ski and swim at the beach, on the same day. But this is different. We are now talking about summer.

“Skiing and swimming together will be present several times since the beginning of the summer. Snow accumulations will continue for the next season, and not only in the vicinity of Qornet al-Sawda at 3088 meters but […] on the peaks around 2500 meters and below,” said Weather of Lebanon.

“This summer only: Enjoy the sun and heat 28C and beside you the accumulated snow in the high mountains.”

After a long, severe cold weather, people in Lebanon were waiting for the Spring season and its warmth when they were surprised by another wave of snow and icy-cold temperatures hitting the country.

In a rare occurrence for Lebanon, the winter of 2022 saw snow lashing on coastal cities namely Jbeil and Dbayeh.

Not everyone in the country is enjoying the snow and cold weather. Many households are not having enough fuel, gas, and electricity to get the necessary heating.

Both adults and children found the weather unbearable, with some sleeping in the cold without proper heating or enough warm clothes.

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People In Lebanon Will Be Able To Enjoy Snow This Summer

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