How People Reacted To Nancy Ajram’s New Song About Beirut

How People Reacted To Nancy Ajram's New Song About Beirut

As the people of Lebanon endure disaster after disaster amid an unprecedented economic crisis, hope and positivity can go a long way in raising their spirits.

With her latest song, that’s exactly what Nancy Ajram did. On Thursday, Ajram’s highly anticipated song about Beirut was finally released.

” ‘To Beirut the Female,’ from the poem ‘To Beirut the Female, With Apologies,’ by the great poet Nizar Qabbani, composed by Dr. Hisham Boulos. Distribution by the Maestro Bassem Risk.”

Within a few hours after its release, the famed singer’s new single, “To Beirut The Female,” went off on social media and became the most popular song on iTunes in Lebanon.

The patriotic song, whose lyrics come from late Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani’s poem titled “To Beirut The Female, With Apologies,” made headlines on several Lebanese news channels, and was widely praised online by Ajram’s fans and followers.

People in Lebanon and abroad complimented the iconic singer for her choice of lyrics that accurately represent Lebanon and its capital in these challenging times, as well as her heartfelt performance of the moving song.

“Your voice carries us from the bank of war to the bank of love, and we sail to a world full of peace. Thank you, my star, #Nancy_Ajram,” one fan wrote on Twitter after listening to the song.

“Nancy is creativity without limits and a classy choice. #Nancy, thank you for being in our world,” another tweeted, with many others posting appreciative comments about the Lebanese star.

The tribute song to Beirut, officially released as “Ila Beirut Al Ontha,” was awaited for weeks, ever since Nancy Ajram announced that she would release it back in September.

You can listen to To Beirut the Female in the video below:

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