People In Lebanon Are Compelled To Protest For The Beirut Blast Probe To Continue

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Unlike most countries in the world, in Lebanon, people need to protest for criminal cases of such magnitude as the Beirut Blast to be investigated. Almost a year and 5 months have passed since the explosion that killed over 234 people and no one has been held accountable.

Families of the victims of the Beirut Explosion had to gather again in front of the Justice Palace to demand justice, standing in solidarity with lead investigating Judge Tarek Bitar, after the investigation was obstructed again.

They consider that it is time for the judiciary to have a radical solution to reach the desired truth that every Lebanese is waiting for.

They demand that Judge Tarek Bitar continues in carrying out his judicial and functional duties to hold those responsible to account.

In a statement to MTV, a family member said: “We are tired of waiting and we had enough of the trading in the blood of our martyrs. It’s time for the judiciary to take its decision to keep the investigation flowing and reach the desired truth.”

The probe has been suspended since November 4th following multiple lawsuits against Judge Bitar filed by politicians evading accountability.

Judge Bitar has faced 15 lawsuits against him since he took over the blast investigation earlier this year.  

For nine months, Judge Bitar has quietly investigated one of the world’s worst non-nuclear explosions with only four assistants and a lot of powerful detractors trying to obstruct his investigation.

For many Lebanese, his investigation of last year’s massive Beirut Port Explosion is their only element of hope for the truth that may hold those responsible to account.

There is always ongoing interruption to the investigation. In some cases, it is the authorities in charge of executing arrest warrants that purposely come on the way, as observed with the Director-General of the Internal Security Forces (ISF).

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People In Lebanon Are Compelled To Protest For The Beirut Blast Probe To Continue

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