Video: Trucks Carrying Flour To Syria Seized By Lebanese Citizens

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“We won’t let any Lebanese become hungry,” a citizen among those who stopped trucks carrying flour to Syria said in the video.

These trucks were going to Syria through Bhamdoun’s highway in Lebanon. The citizens forced the drivers to stop and then proceeded to unload the trucks.

Countless bags of flour were being smuggled outside the country on Tuesday night, all the while, and as the person taking the video put it, “people in Lebanon are dying of hunger.”

This new phenomenon emerged recently in Lebanon, where people will stop trucks smuggling goods that are much needed in the country, especially food.

Subsidized essentials, like wheat, sugar, and even fuel, are being transported across the borders while the citizens in Lebanon have reached a level of despair.

They can’t afford to buy meat or even bread to feed their families, and the country is running out of more and more basic materials by the day.

The mere thought that food is being removed from the mouths of the struggling Lebanese, as we say in Lebanon, to be given to a foreign country is intolerable.

As for the act itself, which has been a reiterated and even regular normality, is bluntly criminal towards the Lebanese people, and highly crippling to the country’s already decaying economy.

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It is no secret that this has been happening openly while the government is desperately seeking financial support and the international community is questioning the good governance of the country’s affairs.

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