Video: People Try Arak For The First Time!

Arak is an indispensable drink when having Lebanese food. The best way to enjoy it is by pairing it with mezze and barbecue!

This drink is also popular in other countries in the Middle East. Different versions of Arak, such as rakı, mastika, and ouzo are popular in Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Greece.

The video below shows people trying Lebanese Arak for the first time! Most of them did not know what Arak is.

They got surprised when they found out that the level of alcohol in Arak is very high compared to other drinks.

Some reactions were funny! Overall, they liked the drink!

One of them said: “This right here is everything I want in a drink: it’s easy to go down, it’s alcoholic as hell, and it’s refreshing.”

Watch the video!

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